Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy: Is It Right For Me?

Massage provides relief to people of all ages—from infants to seniors—and from all walks of life—the weekend or competitive athlete to the home gardener or overstressed, overworked executive.

Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Care

Massage therapy & Chiropractic care are very complimentary to each other. Each addresses a variety of health conditions, the most prevalent being stress-related tension, which, experts believe, accounts for 80%-90% of disease. Massage has been proven beneficial in treating fatigue, sleep disorders, back pain, decreased immunity, musculoskeletal disorders, smoking cessation, and depression, to name just a few.

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic care both offer a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.You can choose one or the other, or even better BOTH disciplines to get the best possible results!

Massage Therapy has many physiological effects, such as:

Increasing circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.Stimulating the lymph system, the body’s natural defense, against toxic invaders.

Relaxing and softening injured and overused muscles.

Reducing spasms and cramping.

Increasing joint flexibility.

Reducing recovery time for strenuous workouts and eliminating subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.

Releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

Reducing post-surgery adhesions and edema and reducing and realigning scar tissue after healing has occurred.

Improving range of motion and decreasing discomfort for patients with low back pain.

Relieving pain for migraine sufferers and decreasing the need for medication.

Providing exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and reducing shortening of the muscles for those with restricted range of motion.

Contributing to shorter labor and reduced tearing for expectant mothers, as well as lessening the need for medication, minimizing depression and anxiety, and shortening hospital stays.

It’s important to note that there are some conditions where massage is not recommended. For example, massage is contraindicated in people with:

Certain forms of cancerPhlebitis

Some cardiac problems

Some skin conditions

Infectious diseases

For safety reasons, our doctor should examine you if you suffer from any of the above conditions.