Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics are prescribed insoles that fit inside your footwear and are made to treat or adjust various biomechanical disorders in the feet and body

During standing and walking our bodies are subjected to the natural forces that mechanical stress and strain throughout our joints when foot imbalance is present  there is negative impact in the knees, hips, back and neck this imbalance must be removed for to achieve improved postural alignment and proper foot function.

Orthotics correct this imbalance improving the biomechanics of the body leading to relief of pains in the feet and throughout the body.

Gait Comparison
Comparing Orthodics Before and After

Each Orthotic is custom to each of your feet. This is achieved through a diagnostic tool called Gait Scanning. By scanning your feet 2D and 3D imaging of a patients foot measures the distribution of force throughout the patients feet evaluating areas of high pressure and gait abnormalities. This simple procedure can be done in office in less then fifteen minutes.

Scanned Foot